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Arizona Association of Realtors' Buyer Advisory 

The Buyer Advisory is published by the Arizona Association of REALTORS® and is probably the single greatest resource available to the Arizona home buyer that there is. The document is updated by AAR often, keeping links within it current so that a consumer may find valuable and educational information in their pursuit of purchasing Arizona real estate and real property. The Buyer Advisory comes in PDF format, and is available in both English & Spanish here.

Why is the Buyer Advisory so valuable?

Provided by the Arizona Association of REALTORS®, this document is designed to make the purchase of real property as smooth as possible. It covers many of the common issues a buyer may come across during a transaction that they may decide they would like to investigate further, or at least verify to their satisfaction.

Topics covered include why it's important to read the purchase contract long before you will be signing it, and disclosures concerning the MLS printout that likely brought you to the home or property you like. What is a SPDS (Seller Property Disclosure Statement commonly referred to as the "Spuds")? How does an HOA affect a sale and what are CC&R's? Does Arizona use lawyers in a typical real estate transaction? How does an Escrow Company work and what is a Title Report? Do I need to know about Lead-Based Paint? What about home inspections and termites? Does a seller have to tell me about deaths or felonies committed on the property that I want to buy? Where can I find information about sex offenders or crime statistics in the neighborhood I want to move to? What about schools, airports or city profiles? This is just a small amount of the volumes of great information available in the Buyer Advisory to help you as a potential home buyer educate yourself and make an informed decision on the property you are considering to purchase.