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What are IDX listings?

By using MLS generated data of real estate for sale (or rent), IDX (Internet Data eXchange) listings are created and displayed on the MLS member/subscriber's realty websites and property portals. This data is shareable between all MLS members and subscribers for display on their public or private websites so that their customers and clients can view what's available for sale in their local market. Those clients can then communicate with the host member/subscriber of any interest they may have in any of the real estate listings contained in the MLS data. For every MLS listing displayed on the member/subscriber's website, the point of contact will be the host member/subscriber rather than the agent that is representing the seller of the listing (Note though that the listing agent's brokerage name will be displayed as part of the detail of each property profile). The primary MLS system in Arizona is ARMLS (Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service). They have the largest membership in the state and service the largest area of coverage, which often overlaps some of the other smaller systems. ARMLS does not contain data for every listing in Arizona, only the data from its subscriber/members. Home Listings Arizona only utilizes ARMLS data at this time.

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